Preparedness department

The Preparedness Department specializes in medical relief materials
for use in emergencies, as well as for various kinds of humanitarian assistance.

For many years, the Preparedness Department of Mediq Norge has
been a major supplier of medical equipment and consumables to
the Norwegian civilian and military emergency services, national
and international NGOs and a variety of UN agencies.
Through this collaboration, we have developed a number of emergency and first aid articles adapted to suit different requirements, ranging
from small first aid kits to complete mobile hospitals with up to
250 beds (NorHosp). Products include mobile module-based field hospitals, clinical units, backpacks, hospital beds and stretcher systems. 
In addition to our standard modules, which are extremely flexible,
we also have long experience customizing solutions for specific needs.

Mediq Norge

Mediq Norge (former Medeco as and as Apotekernes Fællesindkjøp)
was founded in 1913 with the purpose of trading in pharmaceutical products, drugs and chemicals in competition with foreign wholesalers.
In time, Mediq Norge grew to become the largest Norwegian wholesaler
of medicines and in 1956, the Norwegian Parliament decided that the wholesale supply of medicines in Norway was to be taken over by the government, represented by Norsk Medisinaldepot (NMD).
Mediq Norge then became a supplier of medical equipment and consumables to pharmacies, hospitals and other health institutions. 
We are now the largest supplier of these products in Norway.
Mediq Norge complies with the official standards of NS-EN ISO.

Mediq Norge is part of «The Norwegian Emergency Preparedness System» (NOREPS). NOREPS contributes to the efforts of UN agencies and NGOs to rapidly provide both supplies and personnel to areas of disaster. Supplies can be airborne in less than 24 hours, and teams of relief workers can be operable in the field within 72 hours.

The NGOs and the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs are our partners in the administration of NOREPS, and may provide further information upon its use and funding.
Mediq Norway has preparedness storage and services for Norwegian Authorities, Red Cross and UN agencies.
Read more about NOREPS here

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